Certificate II in Engineering - FIRST YEAR

The Certificate II in Engineering Studies provides students with a solid foundation in the basic principles of engineering. It focuses on four main areas: Electrical/Electronics, Robotics, Production and Mechanical.Students will gain an overview of engineering and the career opportunities available.


33 weeks plus holiday block


One morning or afternoon block of delivery each week


Must provide a USI number at the point of enrolment

Contribution to the VCE

The Certificates II and III in Engineering Studies each provides a Unit 3-4 sequence for satisfactory completion purposes.Students undertaking Certificate II in Engineering are eligible for credit of up to four VCE VET units on their VCE Statement of Results: two units at Unit 1-2 level and a Unit 3-4 sequence.Students have the option to undertake scored assessment, and the study score can be fully counted as one of the student’s best four studies for ATAR purposes, or will count as a fifth or sixth study increment, if it is not one of the student’s four highest scores.This certificate will satisfy learning outcomes for the industry specific skills and work related skills strands in the VCAL program.

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