Important dates


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Date Event
Nov  2019 2020 Planning Day. Prior to meeting all schools students have completed PTR, interview with teacher and application to enrolment process
Jan 28th Remind schools of students that have not enrolled and / or had their SWTAFE course interview
Feb 3rd Finalise online enrolment forms for SWTAFE.  
Feb 5th, 6th & 7th First day of VET DSS (Delivered to Secondary Schools)  - Wednesday (Building group one W'Bool College only) Thursday at Warrnambool, Friday at Portland Campus
Feb 12th All students to have their VET DSS resources paid to SWTAFE Bookshop (55648 951)
Feb 18th

All enrolment forms to be finalised for students attending VET DSS in 2020.

Feb 21st Warrnambool 2020 Finalising day. Half day to finalise the 2020 VET DSS contracts, procedures and programs.
Held at the Warrnambool Campus.  Plan for 2021.   Issue draft contracts.
March 6th
Final cut off day for reimbursement of student withdrawals from SWTAFE contract.
March 9th Supply schools electronic copies of pre-populated contract schedules (SWTAFE information) using 2020 DEECD approved Standard & Auspicing VET DSS Purchasing contract.   Returned by March 27th
March 13th

Auspiced schools to have Evidence of Participation (EOP) start date for any school delivered units that have been started on pre-populated proforma into SWTAFE for processing IMPORTANT

March 14th Enrolment confirmation forms ready to go out to schools and TAFE personnel.  (Please Check Carefully)
March 16th Scored Assessment plans emailed to schools
March 18th Letters sent to Principals and Business Managers notifying of 2019 VET DSS invoice amount, and outlining payment schedules.
March 27th All signed VET DSS contracts to be completed.
March 27th

Invoice schools 25% of total 2020 amount, based on students listed on the contract after March 6th. (First payment)
To Business Manager via email.  Payment due 9th April

April 27th Deadline for VET DSS enrolments on the VASS database for funding purposes.
May 22nd Try a Career Day - Sherwood Campus
May 25th Try a Career Day - Sherwood Campus 
June 15th Validation Day for Auspiced Schools
June 19th Mid year VET DSS reports sent out (double check 2019 results for second year students)
June 26th
Invoice schools 25% of total 2020 amount, based on students listed on the contract after March 6th. (2nd Payment) Due 10th July
Sent to Business Manager via email.  Will include TAFE supplement invoice amount
Sept 14th Follow up SBAT any outstanding fees with departments and schools. Check Result progress
Sept 18th

Invoice schools 25% of total 2020 amount, based on students listed on the contract after March 6th. (Third Payment)
Sent to Business Manager via email  Due 2nd October

Sept Remind schools of new process for 2020 enrolments PTR/ Interview / LLN
Oct 8th Result reminders sent out to schools for school delivered units. EOP must be on first..  Results should come in through-out the year.
Oct 11th 2021 Auspicing documentation due
Oct 12th Send Inicative scores out. Due on VASS 21st October
Oct 15th Last week teaching for VET DSS first and second years.
Oct 16th Results must be into Student Records for processing- Auspiced schools return result stationery to SWTAFE VET DSS team.
TAFE personnel are to input results through SMS. These results should be coming in through-out the year
Oct 16th 2020 VETiS Achievement Award nominations due.
Oct 16th Send scored assessment scores out. Due on VASS Nov 9th
Oct 22nd & 23rd Compulsory Application to Enrolment day held at SWTAFE for all new First year students attending a SWTAFE campus.  Warrnambool & Portland
Oct 29th

Invoice schools final 25% of total 2020 amount, based on students listed on the contract after March 6th. (Final payment)
Send to Business Manager via email. 

Nov 2nd Statement of Attainments/Scored assessment results issued to schools.  Will include SBAT students in partnership with SWTAFE.
Nov 9th Final date for VASS entry of VET results and VCE VET coursework task scores.
Nov 13th 2021 VET DSS Planning Meeting (Friday). Checking of Statement of attainments, copy of certificates, enrolment form signing, collection of awards.
Nov 20th (or prior) Delivery of Certificates to students home address. Copy sent to schools.
2020 VCE VET Exam timetable November 10th -  1st December
November  18th Community Services
November 27th Kitchen Operations
November 26th  Engineering