The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) have delivery and assessment guidelines for all VET providers in Australia that TAFE's are regulated under. The aim of these guidelines is to strengthen the quality requirements of all VET providers and to clearly align the provision of VET with educational outcomes. All VET providers must meet the minimum standards. Schools will need to comply with these regulations and minimum standards in accordance with SWTAFE policies under an Auspcing agreement.  All students will require a USI number to be enrolled.

SWTAFE charges $220 per student per program for Auspicing (Eligible students for TAFE supplement $250). All new programs will be charged a $800 set-up fee and continuing programs will be charged $600 set-up fee. If you would like SWTAFE to auspice a VET DSS program in 2022, then all documentation for Auspicing must be submitted to the Schools, Jobs & Pathways Manager by October 2021 for teaching department approval. All schools requesting to auspice with SWTAFE will be required to submit an application prior to this date.

If your school is in an Auspicing partnership with SWTAFE then these standards must be met under SWTAFE operating guidelines.

Documentation requirements for Auspiced programs

Useful documents:

Summary or requirements –Currently being updated

Roles and Responsibilities 

Resume & Qualifications of program facilitator

The resume needs to include relevant industry experience to the program. Relevant qualifications (including statement of attainment) must be higher or at level being taught and TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. All teachers will be required to fill in a Teacher Quality Mapping form and a Professional Development & Industry Currency Record.

Please note that there are upgrade programs for the TAE.

Teacher/Trainers that hold the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, are not required to undertake the new TAE40116, BUT will need to ensure they hold:

Either one of the following:

- TAELLN411 / TAELLN401 Address adult language, literacy  and numeracy skills

Plus one of the following:

- TAEASS502 / TAEASS502A / TAEASS502B Design and develop assessment tools.

VET DSS Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)

Please consult with the SWTAFE senior educator of your training area. TAS document is the best and first step to aligning your delivery and assessment requirements to SWTAFE standards.  The nominated assessor must meet the above requirements outlined in program facilitator. This document is 'ongoing' reflecting industry requirements and training package guidelines.

Resources List

A list of all the equipment that is required for delivery and assessment of the nominated units. Needs to be in line with the Training Package guidelines and reflected in the TAS document. A site visit is required.

Evidence of Training Package

School must show evidence, can be via letter, that they are using the latest training package for delivery and assessment of that program. The letter must be on school letterhead and list the code and name of training package they are being auspiced in.

Program adequately timetabled

A copy of the current years school timetable showing when the classes are being ran for auspiced delivery.

SWTAFE staff member site visit

A SWTAFE staff member that is a specialist in the auspiced program will need to make a site visit to where training is taking place.

Moderation meeting

A mid-year meeting is required to catch up with other teachers teaching the same program. A chance to look at resources, provide samples of work, and discuss delivery and assessment requirements as a group. These meeting usually take place at SWTAFE.

Victorian State approved contract

Once approved, a contract will be entered into with SWTAFE, enrolment forms will be issued, evidence of participation (EOP) and result stationery will be sent out to school for recording of delivered units.

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